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Oval Banana Leaf Coffin


Product Description

Banana leaf may not be a material that people first think of for an eco coffin, but it’s suitability for a green funeral is increasingly being realised. Especially among those looking to arrange a more natural, sustainable funeral.

Biodegradable, strong, and beautiful, our oval banana leaf casket is made from wrapping the dried banana leaves into a tight cords that are then woven in a circular design to create the strong, textured exterior of the coffin. We fit a calico base - to ensure the coffin is fully waterproof and opaque - and solid base - a requirement for cremations – to all of our coffins, to ensure they are there are no additional costs and the coffin is ready to be used in the funeral plans.

As our oval banana coffin is a completely natural product, the colours range from a light straw to a deep brown, with a lighter accent down the sides and lid of the coffin. The rounded ends of the oval design make this an alternative to the traditional shape coffin, making it popular for those looking to arrange a less-conventional funeral.

Our banana coffin includes 4 fittings on each side to firmly secure the lid, along with 6 weight-bearing handles, meaning the coffin can be carried at waist-level or on shoulders. Our oval banana leaf casket is available in a number of sizes, internal length ranging from 5’3 to 7’.



• Certified for cremation, burial and green burial

• Holds up to 23 stone

• 100% Fair Trade

• Next day delivery included in the price

• Funeral flowers pictured not included