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Hayley Cropper Funeral - An Eco-Friendly Coronation Street Burial


I'm not an avid viewer (if anything I actively try and avoid it) but sometimes you just can't avoid Coronation Street

Hayley Cropper made waves when she became the first transgender character is UK soap history, and in her death she continued to spark debate. As mentioned, I'm not a big fan of soaps in general, but I do think they stimulate conversation on divisive subjects. In the case of Hayley, that subject was assisted suicide.

Over 9.7 million people tuned in to watch her final episode, and the critical and political reviews have been glowing. However it wasn't her life story, her gender status, or the manner of her death that caught my attention, it was her funeral.

Having an interest and involvement in coffins and funerals, I am always keen to see how the media portrays them, versus my experience of the reality. Most TV programs go for a funeral-by-numbers approach of the mourners in black, somber hymns, and a dark wooden coffin. However Hayley's funeral was a much more humanist affair. There was no vicar, no mention of God, the mourners wore colourful outfits, and the coffin was environmentally-friendly.


The fact that she chose a cardboard coffin, and it barely even registers as being out-of-the-ordinary shows how far Britain has come in accepting green funerals. It is no longer the preserve of eco-warriors and alternative types. People now realise how beautiful, dignified, and caring a green coffin can be.

Before her death Hayley had a wish for her burial that was really quite poetic. You know, maybe soaps aren't so bad after all.

“She wanted to melt back into the earth she said, be recycled by nature”